It is a well-known fact for any Jennifer Lawrence fan that she hates singing and claims that she can’t sing. Whether she can sing or not is up to you but there’s no denying the fact that The Hanging Tree has become a commercial success – with over one million digital downloads and with it debuting at number 12 in the Billboard Top 100.

And, naturally, with successful songs come a whole plethora of talented musicians creating remixes and mash-ups. Famously, the Rebel Remix, which you have likely heard on the radio, has received a whole load of bad rep by fans for sounding very upbeat and adding a dance track (which many fans compared this to what the Capitol would do) and therefore losing the sombre and poignant meaning to the original.

Call me a Capitolist or not, I went scouring for some of the best Hanging Tree remixes and mash-ups for your listening pleasure… (or criticism).

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